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Gold River, California Alimony & Child Support Attorneys

When you and your spouse divorce, there are a number of decisions you need to make that will have long-term impact on your quality of life. One of the decisions the California courts generally make on behalf of those involved is whether or not you are required to provide your spouse with monetary support, which is also known as spousal support. At Winn & Winn, our family law attorneys each have more than 30 years of experience, giving us a seasoned familiarity with California family law.

Experienced in negotiating and litigating spousal support agreements

California judges carefully appraise a couple’s length of marriage, their standard of living during the marriage, the relative incomes of each individual and the needs of each spouse when determining whether or not spousal support should be granted, how much should be awarded and for how long it should continue. Retaining an experienced attorney from Winn & Winn can help you convince the court that you need support and thus increase the chance that spousal support will be awarded. Alternatively, we can also work to convince the judge that your former spouse does not need spousal support, or needs less than he or she has requested.

Protecting your children

Parents must consider not only how divorce affects them, but how it affects their children — both emotionally and financially. We can help you obtain a fair and reasonable child support arrangement that allows you to raise your children in a safe and healthy environment.

We help parents:

  • Understand child support guidelines
  • Negotiate child support
  • Litigate child support issues
  • Enforce child support orders
  • Modify child support orders

Child support guidelines

California law has established general child support guidelines. We can help you understand the framework of these guidelines and how they apply to you. We can help you structure the receipt or payment of support that best accommodates your financial circumstances and most appropriately supports your children’s needs.

Child support settlements

Through appropriate settlement negotiations, couples can put aside their differences and focus on the one point where they tend to agree — their children’s well-being. We can assist with negotiating and creating fair child support plans that allow both parents to share in the financial obligations of raising their children. We can guide the process toward equitable solutions.  If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful we are also prepared to assertively protect your rights in traditional family law court.

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